My name is Charles R. Cook, Jr. I have been in Publishing and Marketing for over 25 years. With that experience, I started a Newspaper & Publishing Company also that have been in business over 25 years also marketing agent that has been in business over 25 years.

I manage and operate four newspapers. I am also the Marketing Director and a Co-host on the Matthews Broadcast on the OWN Network. With that one marketing agent with Reewind TV Network 20 million nation wide viewers and 200 million world wide I have run marketing companies in New York, Newark NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. Matthews Broadcast is now just gone national with Comcast. This new opportunity allows me to create all types of marketing packages for any size business.

I have the ability to help promote and introduce your business through our broadcast also newspapers, which offers unlimited opportunities. Marketing throughout various territories and regional locations is my specialty. The new publication is the Urban Entertainment Business Journal that combines my such as New Chester Journal, South Jersey Home Journal, and Matthews Business Journal into one publication. With the enjoyment and information of all publications with a national and international touch.

One also may note that one has introduced publishers and editors to the newspaper industry that has published over 20 years and over. I can move your company to new places, and help it achieve things money cannot buy, like honor and respect in the industry it operates in. Furthermore, putting things together on a timely basis, you do not have to chase me. I am always available for my clients. Anything in marketing, I will get it done. If you are looking for a marketing company and agent that can do your Ad display, your article and move your company to its next level, give me a call. One has been in business over 30’s years in industry. Also one has a new paper the Urban Entertainment Business Journal that combines 3 papers into one. Now the paper is a national and a regional publication.

..."We are extremely pleased with the job Mr. Cook is doing with the New Chester Journal. Mr. Cook has published articles that have truly uplifted our community..." Thomas White, Community Outreach Coordinator

"Please accept this letter of reference of Mr. Charles Cook as a Marketing Partner of Business... I would also like to thank him, for the high level of marketing and promotions for the whole year."
Stanly A. Matthews, Matthews Media and Marketing

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